Why We Love Supporting Local (And You Should, Too!)

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Supporting local is important for so many reasons, especially in Alberta. Our province is rich with hardworking farmers and producers, who provide fresh, high quality food. We love supporting local, and we hope that after reading the list of benefits that follow you feel encouraged to support local too.

Here are our top reasons for supporting local:

1. Keep your money in the community

Compared to chain stores, local businesses are heavily invested in community projects and engagements. Local stores are willing to place a much larger share of their revenue back into the Alberta economy, which helps to enrich our province.

2. Know where your food comes from

By purchasing local food, you’re buying what’s currently fresh and in season. When customers are able to connect with local farmers, makers and growers, they can take advantage of the opportunity to learn about farming practices, seasonality, land sustainability, and lifespan of food.

3. Know the people behind the product

We love seeing business owners and customers who get the opportunity to connect and build real relationships. There is nothing better than knowing where your products are coming from, and nothing beats getting to meet the people who work hard to bring them to you.

4. Job opportunities

Local businesses employ local people within the community. With greater job growth and opportunities, Alberta becomes a more desirable place to live!

5. Keep the community unique

Local businesses take pride in stocking shelves with one-of-a-kind products that won’t be found at chain restaurants, grocers, and department stores. When you support local and exclusive stores, it keeps the fabric of the community exciting and special!

Why do you love supporting local?

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