Why Buying Grass Fed Beef in Bulk is a Great Choice for Alberta Families

You may be curious about buying our grass fed beef in bulk – is it a good option for you and your family? The short answer is…yes! Read on to learn about some of the reasons our customers prefer buying our meat in bulk.

The Price is Right

You can count on us to provide high quality, flavourful, and nutrient-rich beef, raised without added hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. If your family enjoys eating our beef multiple times a week, buying in bulk can mean purchasing our meat at a better price than if you were to buy individual cuts at the supermarket.

Always Have a Well-Stocked Freezer

We’ve all been there: you come home after a long day, the kids are hangry, and you’re craving a hearty home cooked meal, only to find an empty fridge and nothing to make. Having beef on hand can help avoid this problem altogether! Keep your freezer fully stocked with Gemstone Grass Fed Beef, and you’ll always have plenty of options for weeknight meals, and large family gatherings on the weekend!

Eat Well, All Year Long

You don’t forgo quality when buying and storing larger quantities of beef. When you’re ready to use your beef, allow it to thaw overnight and you’ll have quality grass fed beef ready for the grill or the oven.

Interested in purchasing a quarter, half or whole beef?

Call or email us to discuss availability and options, or visit our bulk beef webpage for more information. We are happy to accommodate custom cut requests, according to your tastes and needs. To place your order, or if you have any questions, please contact us directly by phone at (587) 225-2477 or email info@gemstonegrassfedbeef.com.

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