10 Reasons You’ll LOVE Gemstone Marinated BBQ Skewers

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At Gemstone Grass Fed Beef, we know how hard it can be to find the time to prepare and cook a hearty, fresh, and nutritious meal. On those nights when time is tight, you’ll love having our delicious Gemstone Marinated BBQ Skewers in the freezer! They come packaged and ready to go: pre-marinated, already on the stick, and ready to throw on the BBQ. It doesn’t get much easier, or more flavourful, than this!

Here are 10 reasons you’ll LOVE our Gemstone Marinated BBQ Skewers:

1. Pre-marinated

Our thinly sliced grass fed beef skewers are pre-marinated with a Polynesian satay flavour that will get your taste buds jumpin!

2. Wooden skewers

Our savoury meat slides right off the stick. Once you’re finished, you can simply recycle the skewers in your green bin.

3. Quick, simple and convenient

With the busyness of everyday life, some days it can feel like a chore to cook fresh food. Gemstone Marinated BBQ Skewers make cooking simple. All you need to do is throw them on the grill over medium to high heat for approximately 8-12 minutes, and dinner is served!

4. The whole family will love them

Be prepared to serve the kids seconds or thirds! Our flavour-packed skewers are wholesome, easy to digest, and families of all ages can enjoy them.

5. No mess, no problem

Because everything is pre-made, there’s no need for you to lift a finger in the kitchen! You can spend your evening relaxing post-dinner.

6. They’re good for you

Grass Fed beef is higher in Vitamins A and E, a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, and two to three times more conjugated linoleic acid, which helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, and inflammation.

7. Grilling is a healthy way to cook meat

Grilling is generally a less fatty way to cool and also helps the skewers retain essential nutrients and natural juiciness.

8. You’re inclined to go outside

When you’re ready to fire up the grill, challenge the kids to put their phones and video games away.  While cooking, try tossing a Frisbee, or kicking a ball around!

9. They pair wonderfully with simple side dishes

There’s hardly any prep involved when cooking veggies on the BBQ! While cooking the skewers, add on a healthy and flavourful side dish of fresh asparagus, green beans, or squash!

10.  Home cooked meals bring loved ones together

There’s nothing better than delicious food to please a crowd! Invite old friends over and enjoy a night of fun, flavour, and scrumptious food!

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Are you getting hungry just thinking about our skewers? Place an order for yours today! Call 587-225-2477 or email info@gemstonegrassfedbeef.com.

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