You May Be a Locavore If…

Across Alberta, the locavore movement is gaining momentum! Locavores are people who are interested in eating local products whenever possible, and prefer meat, eggs, produce, and other food products from local sources. 

Does this sound familiar? You may be living the locavore lifestyle if: 

You Want To Deepen Your Connection to Your Food System

Locavores don’t just want to know where their food comes from. They also want to know who is growing it! Connecting with local farmers and producers is a great way to become more informed about the foods you’re eating. Get to know your farmer and your food up close, ask questions about how your food is produced, and educate your children by participating in farm tours.  

You Seek Quality Artisan Food

Craft beer, garden markets and farm fresh meats! Locavores seek quality artisan food produced on a smaller scale with a lot of TLC. Grass fed beef is no exception. We use a professional, local butcher to deliver fine cuts of tender, well-marbled beef to your table.

You’re a Bit of a Foodie!

Our Grandpa always says “food is one of the better ideas in life!” And we couldn’t agree more. If you consider yourself a foodie then you probably already make an effort to buy quality locally produced groceries for the exceptional freshness and flavour. You will love pairing seasonal produce with our delicious grass fed beef! Try barbecued Ribeye and asparagus! Or a tenderloin roast with red potatoes and roasted garden carrots. And who doesn’t love scrumptious stew meat with cabbage, squash, and pumpkin? The creativity is endless!

You’re a Little Old Fashioned, in a Good Way!

In many circumstances, local food producers are merging old-fashioned production practices with modern day technology to get a product that is the best of both worlds. Our cattle are fed in open pastures on a natural grass based diet and raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Modern technology allows us to use genetics to select cattle that naturally yield high marbling, tender beef on a grass finished diet. The ‘New Old Fashioned Way’. 

You Believe in Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles that can increase biodiversity, build healthier soils and improve watersheds. It also aims to capture carbon in the soil reducing the amount of carbon accumulated in the atmosphere.

On our ranch, we use rotational grazing and a diversity of plants to achieve these goals.

Raise your hand if you’re a Locavore! Let us know what your favourite local products are by commenting below. 

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